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Are you looking to make a web presence or create a website for your company?

You are at the right place. Today the entire world is connected by internet and so running a business and not having a web portal for your organisation is simply wasting on opportunities. Irrespective of big or small company you have you can make equal impression on your potential clients or customers by creating a professional website for your company.

We provide website designing and website development services to small, medium and big organizations. We have created websites in India, websites in USA, Websites in Australia and many more. Our designers and developers are industry seasoned and highly professional in this task with more than 10 years of individual experience.

To know further please send us an enquiry.

Are you an individual willing to be noticed by best corporate houses?

Yes, you should have your own website since, big corporate houses are always looking for competent people. The only thing they lack is time. That is why they carry mobile phones always with good internet facility. They don’t have time to write, they call people. They cannot wait to get in touch with others that is why they email or text. That is why they travel by the first flight and by the quickest transport available.

So, they use the internet to the most. Ofcourse, you should be present there on the internet when they are looking for people like you. You should have an impressive website that will tell them, who you are and what can you do for them.

Just send us an enquiry and we will try to turn your thoughts into reality in this virtual world.

Are you looking to earn from website or are you looking to spread your business globally?

Have you ever thought about the secret of sales? Yes, we all know it. We approach 100 people with our products or services and 10 people are found interested.

Every day there are millions of people who surf the internet for products or services that your company offers. They usually search through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If your company website link is shown towards the top of the list, most people will visit your website, where you have your products or services displayed in a professional manner. Just imagine how many people are being approached with your product or service everyday, every month or every year! What percentage of them would be interested in your product or service! Most importantly, how much revenue you can earn from your website!

It is true and that is why we provide the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service to our clients and customers to grow their business. There are many methods of optimizing your website. If you are interested, please send us an enquiry with your requirements.

Are you looking for a software which will reduce expenditure and improve quality of your company?

If you are runnning a company or if you are responsible for running any organization you must be aware what are the things which matters the most. Few of them are quality of service and product, proper account of stock, smooth employee management, every sales data and purchase data at your fingertips, etc.

You must be knowing that human take better decision than artificial computers and computer memorize data better than human tend to do.

So, why not take advantage of both? Let your computer handle all sorts of required data and report to you and you take the decision of how to deal with your potential client or customer.

In order to prepare any software to meet your requirements please send us an enquiry and we will be glad to discuss further with you.

Are you looking for a professional logo design or graphics design?

Our inhouse graphics team is a master. This is not what only we say. This is what our clients say.

Yes, till date we have always been appreciated by our clients for our graphics design work. Our design team members are excellent in graphics designing. Whether it be still or animated. 2D or 3D. They have been individually seasoned in professional 2D & 3D, print and digital media for more than 8 years now.

If you need any professional logo, banner or any graphics designed you can send us your enquiry so that we can discuss further.

Are you looking for an expert to repair your computer?

We understand the problem you face when your computer goes down. Experts are difficult to find. Mostly TV mechanic turned into computer mechanic type of service is available. Otherwise, big repair shops are there with better professionals but charging fortunes for the same.

We are shortly coming up with an excellent solution to that which will cost you less than one tenth of what it costs you now. Moreover, you would be dealing with only experts and no novish.

To know further please send us an enquiry.

Are you willing to learn how to repair your own computer?

Please tell us if you want to learn how to diagnose and repair your own computer in case of minor issues. We would be more than happy to assist you with the same as we always suggest and try to educate our customers how to repair their own computers. This saves a lot of money and time for both you and us.

We would be coming up shortly with crash courses or short time courses on how to repair their own computers at home and how to keep data in your computer safe.

To know further please send us an enquiry.

You people have always been good and professional service provider for our data entry and data scanning projects. I owe you a lot.

- Amrit Bagchi

Apollo Computers have been excellent in software support. We already have new orders for them.

- Partha Bose
Bose Panda Instrument Pvt. Ltd.

We are very happy with the prompt and accurate service we received from you. We would recommend you in future again.

- C Bannerjee
Genuine Instrument

You have been great! Keep providing me with more seo services

- Eddie Black

Thanks a lot for your help. It was an urgent requirement and you have been prompt at your service

- S Ghosh Dastidar
S.G. Instruments