About Apollo Computers

We are based in Kolkata, India. We work on Software Development, Website Designing, Website Hosting, Data Entry / Data Capturing, Data Editing, Data Conversion, Data Renaming and other Data Processing jobs.

We, Apollo Computers, started our operations on 4th of July 2008 with a dream to establish an organization which can cater to the world of Hardware Maintenance, Networking Support, Data Processing Services, software development and website designing & development requirements in and outside India especially to small and medium scale industries.

Today, business is not limited to a confined area, city or country instead the World Wide Web technology has opened up a global marketplace. We are no more restricted to any race, religion or country. We can reach out to people across the globe even in a small town or village. Thus, Apollo Computers have always tried to break the geographic differences and assist its clients around the world to take advantage of the state of art technology and flourish their respective business.

Our perspective

Apollo Computers belongs to the small and medium category and has dreams to strengthen its backbone by creating good cliental database. In order to do the same Apollo Computers focusses more on the following areas:

Quality of Service
Quality of work is the primary area of focus since, creating and maintaining good cliental list depends on the quality of work we deliver. To ensure good quality of service, Apollo Computers maintains a separate department for the same. No product is considered delivered until and unless the customer is satisfied as per his/her requirements. There has been a lot of cases when client changed mind at the last moment and wanted something different, and we have always successfully responded to the same.

Time Management
As declared Apollo Computers does not fall under large scale organization thus we have limited resources. However, our resources are not limited to particular sense of responsibility like large companies. Our resources are our pillars. Our human resources take responsibility of commitment and not restricted to any time routine schedule. We work all together day and night to meet business requirements. Its the commitment that matters if we can keep it.

Communication is one of the most important things. Correct and timely communication is the only way to meet client’s requirements. If we are unable to understand client’s requirement correctly then we would end up making false commitment. That is why responsibility of communication has been left to the experts only. We are available almost 24 x 7 over Land phones, mobile phones, chatting on couple of popular domain ids, email on number of email accounts. Clients can reach us anytime and anywhere.

We have our focus on small and medium scale industries around the globe. That is why, we need to charge them accordingly and not fortunes. This is a fact and not like other organizations. We have our own unique system of office & production management which is why our service charges are very reasonable and on the cheaper side.

Office Management
If we want to provide systematic and good service to our clients we first of all need to have our own system in place. That is why we have worked out a good and effective office management in place which co-ordinates among the different branches of operations and sales effectively. We never work without proper documentations (learnt from few of our bad experiences in the early days which we will never forget and whom we will never forget).

Last but not the least the word “Honesty” matters to us the most. We are an organization who wants to stay around and make a mark and we do not intend to grow overnight. We believe in honesty that is why we are always honest with our clients and customers and we expect them to be the same. Money matters to us after Honesty that is why as per policy of our company we do not do business with dishonest clients.

Something you should know

In the recent recession, almost the entire world suffered of economic problems. Due to which people lost jobs, homes and food. They also lost business. As a result, people went looking for new jobs which could help them to survive however; there was a lack of manpower requirement in different organizations. People especially in the first world countries found people from the third world countries occupying a lot of job positions which made life more difficult for them. Obviously everyone felt outsourcing of business projects and employment of foreign nationals from third world countries is a curse and that needed to be stopped. Measures were also taken regarding the same. However, the fact is, recession occurred due to a totally different reason and moreover this recession hit the economy of the entire nation. So people had less money to spend on items or services that is why companies had to lower prices of their products and services. After all, business had to survive and profit could not be shared. Specially for the large multinational organizations. That is why the large organizations shifted their vendors more in numbers from first world countries to third world countries making it more difficult for people from the first world countries. However, the strength of a nation rests in its small and medium scale industries. More business they make better for people of that nation since they directly pay tax to the respective nation.

This is exactly what Apollo Computers wishes to assist with. Apollo Computers focuses mostly on the small and medium scale industries around the globe and help them establish their business globally by creating related websites, software and providing SEO related services by which small and medium scale industries can reach out for more customers or clients and can strengthen their organizations. Thus, they can hire more people of their neighborhood for producing their products or providing services at a cheaper rate and with good quality in contrary to the large organizations.