Train Anywhere
GoToTraining is the right solution for the job, whether you’re training in a classroom, virtually – or both. With GoToTraining Starter, Pro and Plus packages, you can engage with up to 200 students anywhere in the world.

GoToTraining Starter: All the essential training tools to start your training – including simple registration, reporting and recording – for up to 25 students at a time.
GoToTraining Pro: Get everything included in Starter plus custom registration, the Breakout small-group discussion feature for enhancing the live classroom experience and classroom capacity of up to 50 students.
GoToTraining Plus: Get everything included in Pro – plus expanded classroom size of up to 200 students.

Faster, more effective training

Enrich the online training experience any time, anywhere with easy-to-use interactive tools that engage students and improve learning.

Simplicity: No IT support required. You can start training online in minutes.
Engagement: The GoToTraining easy-to-use interface and interactive training tools keep everyone immersed in your content and help learners retain more information.
Reach: GoToTraining eliminates the need for travel. Train all over the world – all at once.

GoToTraining features
Desktop/application sharing: Broadcast a view of either your desktop or a specific application to training attendees.
Change presenters: Use multiple presenters to boost audience interest. Allow attendees to share their screens as well.
Integrated audio: Add OpenVoice Integrated toll-free phone service for the convenience of your learners or use the built-in VoIP and tollbased phone options.
Video conferencing: Up to six instructors or learners can share their webcams.
Recording: Record your training – including audio – and upload to the cloud for viewing on any device, anywhere in the world.
Mobile training: Attendees can join training sessions from their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Class management
Invitations and automated follow-ups: Easily create session invitations and send them
through your email. Customize communication to your students with automated reminders and follow-ups.

Online Training

Full-service registration: GoToTraining will host your registration page. Capture simple
registration information such as attendee name and email address, plus add expanded
fields and customized questions with Pro and Plus packages.
Reporting: Get detailed lists of session attendance, registration, test results
and evaluations.

Materials: Upload documents, images, media files and web links for attendees to use before, during and after a session.

Content library: Organize and store reusable content, such as training materials, tests, surveys and recordings.

RevStream payment processing: Charge for your courses and manage your registrants’
payments and refunds through our integration with PayPal processing services.

Advanced features

Breakouts: Instructors can create and monitor up to six Breakout sessions. Each Breakout can view PDFs, pictures and YouTube or Vimeo videos. Collaborate and edit docs such as spreadsheets, drawings or presentations. This is available with Pro and Plus packages.

Hand raising: Attendees can signal when they need to ask a question.
Polls and chat: Increase interactivity and get immediate feedback.
Tests: Use tests to see what attendees know before the session and evaluate their retention during the session and afterward.
Evaluations: Receive student feedback on the effectiveness of your training.
Timer: Keep track of time by counting down the minutes on screen.
Video sharing: Share YouTube and Vimeo videos with your attendees in session.
Document collaboration: Share, collaborate, participate in activities and review work.
Certifications: Reward your attendees when they finish a class.