Seamless audio for the modern workflow.
Save valuable time for you and your attendees with OpenVoice Integrated.

Want to offer your meeting participants flexible audio options so they can choose what works best for them? Show them you’ve gone the extra mile by adding OpenVoice Integrated to your GoToMeeting plan.

You’ll get access to toll-free numbers so your participants never have to worry about cost, even when they’re abroad. And you’ll have Call Me, which makes joining a meeting as convenient as answering a phone call.
With OpenVoice Integrated for GoToMeeting, you can streamline your communication to collaborate easier and close deals faster – from anywhere.

How integrated audio improves productivity:
Call Me: Traveling or dialing in from the road? Attending a meeting is now as simple as answering the phone. With Call Me enabled for your GoToMeeting sessions, all attendees who have phone numbers in a supported country can get called into the meeting.
Dial Out: Having a meeting and waiting on someone to join? Organizers who have Call Me enabled can now call others from the GoToMeeting desktop app and connect them right into session. This is a quick and easy way to invite up to five attendees to join the meeting audio via phone.
Global coverage: Increase your international reach with toll-free numbers for 50+ countries.
Integrate audio and web easily: Toll-free audio works seamlessly alongside VoIP and toll calls that are already built in to GoToMeeting.
Better audio quality: Toll-free numbers provide a better, more consistent audio experience than relying on Wi-Fi connections that vary in strength.
Decrease total audio costs: Eliminate the need for and cost of separate audio conferencing services by adding OpenVoice Integrated with flexible rates and packages to suit your organization’s needs.

Flexibility for your organization
OpenVoice Integrated Flat Rate is a new pricing option that allows you to easily add OpenVoice Integrated to your GoToMeeting plan, simplifying the buying process with a predictable pricing model. With Flat Rate, you get toll-free join options, as well as Call Me and Dial Out audio with extensive international coverage all included for one price.

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