Our Products

We have few world class software solution products for corporates and small business are ready made solutions to latest market requirements. The products are tested and implemented at more than hundreds of companies around the globe. The software products provide solution from Artificial Intelligence driven e-Commerce solutions to very stable and remote video conferencing and meeting requirements.

Our products are designed as plug & play with any of your existing software application. The software are usually on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model so that you do not need to pay for developing a new software upfront and the cost can be divided among multiple buyers. The software can also be customized to some extent by our expert team. If you wish to start a new business or want to get business online in no time then, our products can help you to the same.

Our software products range as follows:-

  1. Starting an online product / service sales business.
  2. Delivering food to courier packages to doorstep with help of owned or third party delivery team.
  3. Passenger Transport Vehicle solution from cab to corporate car fleet.
  4. AI based automated support system like chat bot.
  5. Very secured and reliable Corporate online meeting solutions for clients / employees via Video Conferencing.
  6. Multiple Uninterrupted Online Training or classroom sessions via desktops and smartphones.
  7. Stable and smooth online Webinars for corporates, media and institutions with participants monitoring and controlling. Video streaming, screen sharing and hand raising facilities also available with multi-mode chat options.

If you need any of such high quality ready made solutions for your organization, do not hesitate to contact us. Consultation is free for now and our passionate team will be happy to help you.